Photo By Roxane Akhtar/ Gypsy Raine Serai 2015

Photo By Roxane Akhtar/ Gypsy Raine Serai 2015

My Approach

I work from “core” principles of meditation. In creating a lesson for you, I will assess which method/s, inner teachings and physical practices will suit you. Every Which Way is the perfect motto to remember, if you work with me.

One thing is certain and clear- the Sufis, the Christian faith, Hindu philosophies and ancient Vedic script, Kabbalists and most certainly Buddhist teachings all promote the cultivation of meditative practice.

My knowledge draws on all these and other ancient philosophies, but is not limited by/to them.

I draw from the latest research in the field of neuroscience, and psychosynthesis. At Be meditation, all roads lead to meditation and whether you are an individual, group or a company, you will be led there, in whatever manner appears best for you.

I say thanks to my teacher Alexander Filmer-Lorch, an incredible teacher and beautiful human being. He can be found here.

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January 2018 Workshop: Clearing Space Amidst The Mind Clutter Jan 20, 2018 Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

December 2017 Workshop: All I Want For Christmas Are Two Deep Breaths Dec 02, 2017 Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

Retreat for Mums and Baby sometime in April/May 2018


Workshop in the South of France August 27th, 2016 “The Beginning of Being”. 

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