Be Here Be Now. Be.Be meditation is honoured to share the tracts of mystics. People, who are writing back from different post codes of Consciousness. Those to whom words have appeared in various states of contemplation or meditation. These writings are our equivalent today, of ancient mystical writings. There is a centuries old tradition of poetry and writing being part of the mystical experience. This has been obfuscated in the very meaning and understanding of the word “mystic”. We killed the idea of the mystic! But rest assured the mystics did not disappear so easily. Here at Be we want to collect writings to share, to inspire, to create a higher frequency of communication. So this includes stream-of consciousness, spells, divination, “philosophizing,” any kind of energy work-related visual, aural or written art. We make no distinction. If it has magic, we’ll know.

We shall be doing this every full moon…or so…

Submissions welcome. Guidelines will be here soon. Until then please do wait. Unless you feel like you already know the guidelines. Like everything you’re reading here is totally vibing with you, and you’re like, I TOTALLY get it. Then send away to, preferably during the waning gibbous moon, you know?

I hope you will fall in love, reading these tracts, as I did. Which is why they’re here.


Mapping The Questions

Artist: Aaron Ebersole –

The depth of self is nothing but ascension of soul.

Each ascension deeper than before.

Each rise taking you higher yet we ascend only to fall deeper.

We rise only to be humbled.



Each new constellation is but another pitfall. Each universe is but another shackle. From stars to universe we travel to become dust again. The greatness clay holds within as it is nothing but star dust. Stars are made of us and we are made of stars.

Universes within universes, galaxies within galaxies, stars beyond stars we descend only to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

What is then consciousness but depth; depth but vision; vision but perception of Universe; Universe but your perception.


Northern Areas, Pakistan. Photographer unknown. Source: The Internet


What is knowledge then but a mystery of consciousness &

which mystery is then true but relative to what being truer?



What is then life? A prelude, a constellation, a galaxy, a universe or a mystery

What then is the prelude but consciousness &  is the universe our consciousness

or consciousness our universe?



Do we sleep when we wake up or do we wake up when we sleep?

Do we become when we unbecome or we unbecome when we become?

Do we exist only to be extinct or we are extinct only to exist?

Are we lost to be found or found to be lost?



What then is journey and which then is destination?

Is universe then the journey and consciousness its destination or is consciousness the journey and the universe its destination?

What are we then the universe or the consciousness?


9be4741a13a39e3300f2928c4caf728eIs the existential then part of the conscious or the existential the real conscious?

Are the stars then more real or truer or we are most real and truest?

What was consciousness before we were clay & clay before we were conscious?

Were we clay before stars were moulded or were we stars before clay was moulded?

What then are the stars and what then is the clay?


Are we then more conscious when we are unconscious or are we more unconscious when we are conscious?


Shahana Munawwar, Karachi. Sculpture exhibited in London.

What then is ‘I’ and what then is ‘you’ ? Who am I and what are you? Am I conscious and you are unconscious? Or you are conscious and I am unconscious? Maybe ‘you’ are conscious because ‘I’ am conscious? What are ‘you’ when ‘I’ am unconscious? What were you before I was conscious or what will you be when I am unconscious? So do I become more conscious only to become unconscious or do I become more unconscious to become conscious?

What then are you but I and what am I then but you? Do I know you or do you know ‘I’? Am I then you and you are nothing but me? Why then is you and why then am I? What then are you and what am I?

Am I your truth or you are my truth? Am I then real or are you more real? What if there is no you and no I? What if you are I and I am you?


Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves


What if I and you are then one prelude, the same constellations, the exact galaxy, and the only universe.

And there is no ‘you’ but ‘I’

and no ‘I’ but ‘you’.



– This piece was shared by an author who wishes to remain Anonymous. We would like to express gratitude to Anonymous, and hope to hear from you again.