The Last Full Moon of 2017 -Transmission featured: John Alexander Arnold

This full moon we feature a short passage exploding with depth and John’s latest luminous body of work which he shall be exhibiting at the 10th Annual Big 500 Art Show in Portland, Oregon this winter. We hope you vibe with his transcendentalism as we are.

John Alexander Arnold connects with The Earth’s elements through daily practices in organic horticulture, wild crafting, and mandalic composition, from which his art is derived.

On Time & Space & Being & Consciousness & All That Good Stuff: 


“You are an infinite column of light

that lifts the heavens, bears


down on the bowels

of the earth, and cuts through


all space, time, physical

form, and layers of consciousness.


You are a dragon that rests

at the end of time and


breathes the you, you

can perceive like a cone


of fire through the warp

and weft of the continuum

of existence into the past. 


You are a unique impenetrable temporal


enigma that can only be expressed


through mysterious metaphor.


You are a time machine”.

#MicDrop – JAA


Thank you, John. We do feel like that some days. With love & Gratitude Be Meditation 

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