In Honour of the Strawberry Full Moon of 17th June, 2019, we present this charismatic, little jewel of a poem. As you may know we LOVE anything to do with breath, so thank you Aki Schilz. We are honoured to have you here. This poem was written during a six hour workshop called Technicians of the Sacred: The Poem As A Magical Event, facilitated by Be meditation founder Sascha A. Akhtar. So it’s extra special. 

– Love from Be meditation.













A Charm to Reclaim Stolen Breath

From the wreck of the body
salted bones rising from the damp –

            a ribbed cathedral, Hvalsalen,

vast silences, each of which contain
heartbeats as single beams of light:

                        the transparency of skin
                        breath as ordinary,
                        breath as held,

                        breath as rain collapsing into oceans.

We take your lungs in our fists,
gather them like skirts, contracting.
A folding inward, an insiding-
out so that each quiet gulp of our mouths
removes something from you –

                                                  gives it to us.

This place in the backs of our knees: tender spot.
The quiver of inner ear bones divining changes
in the wind.
The hand hovering over a shoulder-blade
like the shadow of a bird of prey cast
against a canyon.

From the wreck of the body
we unfold new lungs like sails, still wet,
spread them
against the blue of the sky;
fill it up and up and up
until it tips
like a bucket.

Aki Schilz is a writer of poetry, short stories, flash, and experimental non-fiction. She is co-founder of the Saboteur Award-shortlisted #LossLit digital literature project with Kit Caless, and in her day job is Director of The Literary Consultancy. Spiritually, Aki is interested in the concept of other worlds as an invitation into thinking open-mindedly, and open-heartedly, about the possibility of magic(s). She is also interested in ideas of the breath, women’s bodies, and structures of power. This was the starting-point for writing this charm, as inspired by Sascha’s magical teaching. Aki is on Twitter @AkiSchilz