In Honour of the Harvest Full Moon also known by the Native Americans as Hunter’s Moon, Travel Moon or Dying Grass Moon rising at 19:35 GMT on the night of Friday, September 13, 2019…we present an extract from a charm-poem that utilises one of the most ancient and powerful symbols of magic – the Egg. Eggs are also used in protection magic, to detect harmful energies and represent beginnings, lyfe, death – the whole lot. The poem goes further & puts forth a very fragile, tiny egg – the egg of the Quail. 

We are honoured to have this radiant magical poem here, written by Claire Basarich. It was written during a six hour workshop called Technicians of the Sacred: The Poem As A Magical Event, facilitated by Be meditation founder Sascha A. Akhtar. So it’s extra special. Plus it exhorts the reader to Be, so…

– Love from Be meditation

Artist: Debra Morris

Charm for a Quail’s Egg

First, examine it closely, its speckled face
Then say the words
Coturnix Coturnix Phasianidae
Now make a bed of your lips
to gently hold the quail’s egg

What is its shape,
a gift, a call to be
nurtured, symbol of dreams:
Shape of a tear drop, blood drop
All life death and possibility

The clara, the egg’s clear surrounding immersive.
Blood is the orange yema, emulsive yolk
which binds together, brings clarity to your vision
stimulates revelation, repairs past wounds.

In your mouth, one side of it faces light
The other, your dark inner.

Do not crush the egg
or swallow it whole, snake-like.
Be with it in this space
between absorption, ejection
acceptance, rejection.

Claire Basarich is a French-American writer currently based in Sheffield, UK. Her mystic leaning includes an interest in the power of nature, spaces, and the feminine.