In Honour of the New Moon of 18th August, 2020, we present this gorgeous earthing poem which is also an invocation to transcend, transform – grow. Also, late summer (if we are lucky) finds the jasmine flower in bloom; intoxicating & also restorative & equalizing.

Grounding is the 1st step to all inner work & magic. The new moon is a good time to remind ourselves, to be grounded. Emma, we are honoured to have you here. This poem was written during a six hour workshop called Technicians of the Sacred: The Poem As A Magical Event, facilitated by Be meditation founder Sascha A. Akhtar. So it’s extra special. 

– Love from Be meditation.

Jasmine (Jasmin officinale) from Traité des Arbres et Arbustes que l’ on cultive en France en pleine terre (1801-1819) by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Original from the New York Public Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.



            knees to wet grass   blades   

                       tickling your shins

             sink fingers in

         so you are skin-to-skin

               with earth

           dirt under your nails

     caked in the lines of prophecy

  on your palms

      root & draw nutrients

         siphon sunlight

  & go green &

      as soft   as day   cedes

           to the thick of night

          open yourself





  — cult of flora

Emma Filtness lectures in Creative Writing at Brunel University London. She enjoys folklore and mythology, and exploring ideas of the dark and sacred feminine through poetry. She has a keen interest in all things hedgewitch.

Emma is currently exploring nature and the dark feminine through an Instagram poetry project @cultofflora #cultofflora