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The Last Full Moon of 2017 -Transmission featured: John Alexander Arnold

This full moon we feature a short passage exploding with depth and John’s latest luminous body of work which he shall be exhibiting at the 10th Annual Big 500 Art Show in Portland, Oregon this winter. We hope you vibe with his transcendentalism as we are.

John Alexander Arnold connects with The Earth’s elements through daily practices in organic horticulture, wild crafting, and mandalic composition, from which his art is derived.

On Time & Space & Being & Consciousness & All That Good Stuff: 


“You are an infinite column of light

that lifts the heavens, bears


down on the bowels

of the earth, and cuts through


all space, time, physical

form, and layers of consciousness.


You are a dragon that rests

at the end of time and


breathes the you, you

can perceive like a cone


of fire through the warp

and weft of the continuum

of existence into the past. 


You are a unique impenetrable temporal


enigma that can only be expressed


through mysterious metaphor.


You are a time machine”.

#MicDrop – JAA


Thank you, John. We do feel like that some days. With love & Gratitude Be Meditation 

About this Full Moon






#December Workshop – Soothe yourself before the BIG day..#Christmas

" Deep Breath"

” Deep Breath”

All I Want For Christmas…

Are Two Deep Breaths: Cultivating your Inner Sanctum

What: Immersive meditation Workshop with Sascha Aurora Akhtar

When: December 2nd, 2017

2 pm- 4:30 pm

Where: The Letchworth Centre For Healthy Living, Rosehill Hospital Hitchin Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 3NA, Tel: 01462 678804,

Elements: Cultivating conscious mind de-cluttering and space clearing esp. in a time of duress, Techniques to do this, Breath practices from varied traditions,

Teachings: Tuning in, Inviting Silence and Stillness, Creating a bridge for yourself to travel inwards, the idea of ‘inner sanctum,’ protecting this.

Techniques & Methods: Guided meditation, Movement, Deep inner work, visualisation. Breath awareness and techniques.

 Schools: Sufi, Zen, Mindfulness, Nada Yoga, Butoh.

Keywords: Breath, Space.

Will suit: Everyone who finds this time (or any time) of the year challenging and would like to learn how to utilise the benefits of meditation and breath practices, towards this end. A Christmas present for YOU.

A note on sound: Natural sounds are utilised, from hand-crafted indigenous instruments. Such as cactus, seed-pods, coconuts and bells.

 The workshop will cost £ 40. Concessions are welcome. 



Loving Kindness in a State of Emergency #NunsFire #TubbsFire #AtlasFire #Napafire #CAL_FIRE #NorthBayFires #santarosafires #HealingForAll

I have always felt the energy of North California to be magical. I have an inexplicable spirit connection to it, and some of my spirit tribe hail from there. I have been watching every news story, reading the twitter feeds, looking at the maps for two days now trying to find out information for my friends but also because just on a deep spiritual level the horror of such devastation is palpable to me.

I am reading and seeing what people are experiencing and so I am writing this post in order to help in the way I know best, through my work as a healer and wellness facilitator.

State of Emergency
Spiritual Implications and Healing

You are in a State of Emergency. This does not refer just to the external trail of widespread destruction. This refers to the inner space of YOU as a being.
You have managed to escape, survive but know nothing about your home. Your community, friends, family are all in the same situation. Many HAVE lost their homes.
Your base, foundation and stability have been threatened. This is our root. Upon which ALL things stand. Upon which we stand. Feelings of despair are totally normal.
If we can, this may be a tall ask, wherever you are, frightened, anxious, despairing, take a moment to acknowledge this.


Loving Kindness in a State of Emergency #NunsFire #TubbsFire #AtlasFire #Napafire #CAL_FIRE #NorthBayFires #HealingForAllSit on the floor if you can. Lean against a wall, or a couch. Get a blanket if you wish, make sure you are comfortable. Close your eyes. Say to yourself:

“Everything I am experiencing is valid” ( or anything that comes naturally to you in your own words). Yes, it may be difficult to concentrate when your world is falling apart outside, but taking this moment is important for YOU AND for your family & community.

Take a few deep breaths through the nose. Sending the breath down to your root, your base, your foundation. Sense any kind energetic disturbance, in this root centre. Allow yourself to feel love for your own suffering, as you would with a child or a loved one. Say to yourself:

I acknowledge my own sense of suffering“.

Allow yourself to cultivate this space of safety for yourself, sending your base, your root, your foundation a flow of love & healing. Stay in your inner space.

Stay connected with your body. FEEL the sit bones on the ground. Your back supported. Say to yourself:

I send healing love to myself“.

As you feel this sense of Loving-Kindness growing, you can stay with it as long as you feel right. After that take a few more deep breaths, and slowly allow the external to gently filter in, meaning your family & friends and their experience right now. With each breath, say to yourself:

I send healing love to my family & friends

If you find the emotion rises, that is fine. You may cry. That’s also ok. Say to yourself ( when & if you can):

I send healing love to our community and to the earth

Stay in this inner space as long as you like, allow yourself to connect with all those around you, experiencing what you are.

What is occurring IS near impossible to process on ALL levels. Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual. Whatever your losses, Healing is the only way forward. Healing yourself, your loved ones, your community and the earth. I am truly sorry for all you are experiencing from one human being to another.

Love to YOU & YOU & YOU.  You are NOT alone.




Photo from: @abc7kristensze Found amid the ruins of my friend’s #coffeypark home. May #angels be watching over all those who lost so much in #northbayfires.

There will be a lot of stuff out there coming in. Words, images, sounds, talk. Everyone is trying to help themselves and their own. It’s perfectly valid.

In every moment, try to stay IN your body, ON the ground that you are on. Use your breath. Close your eyes OFTEN. And this may sound weird, but try to visualise water, cooling & soothing. Your mind and psychology is inundated with the heat of the fire energy and the fire images. Imagine rain. Listen to rain sounds if you can. Sooth.

There is only so much we can take, we are human. Try to manage your responses to others that upset YOU.In this situation, keep in mind whatever is happening IS happening.Everyone is human, and everyone is doing their best. What SHOULD or SHOULD have been or be, may not be relevant. In this moment, in this instant, NOW, what is most important, and ONLY for this moment. Stay with that. It may be comforting your kids, the elderly, but you also need to do that for yourself. Much love from me.

Things of The Spirit

Be Here Be Now. Be.Be meditation is honoured to share the tracts of mystics. People, who are writing back from different post codes of Consciousness. Those to whom words have appeared in various states of contemplation or meditation. These writings are our equivalent today, of ancient mystical writings. There is a centuries old tradition of poetry and writing being part of the mystical experience. This has been obfuscated in the very meaning and understanding of the word “mystic”. We killed the idea of the mystic! But rest assured the mystics did not disappear so easily. Here at Be we want to collect writings to share, to inspire, to create a higher frequency of communication. So this includes stream-of consciousness, spells, divination, “philosophizing,” any kind of energy work-related visual, aural or written art. We make no distinction. If it has magic, we’ll know.

We shall be doing this every full moon…or so…

Submissions welcome. Guidelines will be here soon. Until then please do wait. Unless you feel like you already know the guidelines. Like everything you’re reading here is totally vibing with you, and you’re like, I TOTALLY get it. Then send away to, preferably during the waning gibbous moon, you know?

I hope you will fall in love, reading these tracts, as I did. Which is why they’re here.


Mapping The Questions

Artist: Aaron Ebersole –

The depth of self is nothing but ascension of soul.

Each ascension deeper than before.

Each rise taking you higher yet we ascend only to fall deeper.

We rise only to be humbled.



Each new constellation is but another pitfall. Each universe is but another shackle. From stars to universe we travel to become dust again. The greatness clay holds within as it is nothing but star dust. Stars are made of us and we are made of stars.

Universes within universes, galaxies within galaxies, stars beyond stars we descend only to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

What is then consciousness but depth; depth but vision; vision but perception of Universe; Universe but your perception.


Northern Areas, Pakistan. Photographer unknown. Source: The Internet


What is knowledge then but a mystery of consciousness &

which mystery is then true but relative to what being truer?



What is then life? A prelude, a constellation, a galaxy, a universe or a mystery

What then is the prelude but consciousness &  is the universe our consciousness

or consciousness our universe?



Do we sleep when we wake up or do we wake up when we sleep?

Do we become when we unbecome or we unbecome when we become?

Do we exist only to be extinct or we are extinct only to exist?

Are we lost to be found or found to be lost?



What then is journey and which then is destination?

Is universe then the journey and consciousness its destination or is consciousness the journey and the universe its destination?

What are we then the universe or the consciousness?


9be4741a13a39e3300f2928c4caf728eIs the existential then part of the conscious or the existential the real conscious?

Are the stars then more real or truer or we are most real and truest?

What was consciousness before we were clay & clay before we were conscious?

Were we clay before stars were moulded or were we stars before clay was moulded?

What then are the stars and what then is the clay?


Are we then more conscious when we are unconscious or are we more unconscious when we are conscious?


Shahana Munawwar, Karachi. Sculpture exhibited in London.

What then is ‘I’ and what then is ‘you’ ? Who am I and what are you? Am I conscious and you are unconscious? Or you are conscious and I am unconscious? Maybe ‘you’ are conscious because ‘I’ am conscious? What are ‘you’ when ‘I’ am unconscious? What were you before I was conscious or what will you be when I am unconscious? So do I become more conscious only to become unconscious or do I become more unconscious to become conscious?

What then are you but I and what am I then but you? Do I know you or do you know ‘I’? Am I then you and you are nothing but me? Why then is you and why then am I? What then are you and what am I?

Am I your truth or you are my truth? Am I then real or are you more real? What if there is no you and no I? What if you are I and I am you?


Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves


What if I and you are then one prelude, the same constellations, the exact galaxy, and the only universe.

And there is no ‘you’ but ‘I’

and no ‘I’ but ‘you’.



– This piece was shared by an author who wishes to remain Anonymous. We would like to express gratitude to Anonymous, and hope to hear from you again.






Initiating May: Meditation/Medicine Walk in Fields of Brassica Napus(Rapaseed) – YELLOW

Though my mind be as restless as the ocean may my gaze be as vast as the wide open sky

May My Gaze Be As Vast As The Wide Open Sky

Grounding Meditation Practices

The Earth Rises Up to Meet You

Walking Meditation


Walking Meditation


Senses in Meditation

Can We Tune Into The Sensation?

Medicine/Meditation Walk with Brassica Napus

What Does The Earth Say

Walking Meditation in Field


Meditation In Nature

Tuning Into the Sensation of Sunlight On The Skin

Walking Meditation Visual Depiction

Ground Beneath Our Feet. Gravity Does Its Work.

#SundayIsFor Peace

Tina Turner Chants Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu In A Recording With Kids

Enjoy the good vibes!





Sarvesham≈all/ everything;svastir=health/ well-being;

bhavatu=let be, may there be Shanti=peace

Pūrnam=completeness/ perfection/ fulfillment

Mangalam=success (spiritual success)/ auspiciousness / prosperity

Severe PMS is no joke: Change The Narrative!

Woman: The Dance – S Akhtar

I was so glad to see this article (Severe PMS May Cause Psychosis) in a British mainstream newspaper.

Glad, why? Because I have suffered in the dark for most of my life from severe PMS, not knowing I was.

There was no avenue to get help/ I didn’t know I needed help. Us, women, we just soldier on, and our mothers have also just soldiered on. No real knowledge has been available to us. Over the centuries, respect for the power of woman has all but evaporated. In ancient times, there was much more respect for the inner trials and tribulations women endure, from girlhood till we die.

Don't Feel Lonely

A great deal of it has to do with the dominant narrative surrounding this issue. The attitude women have towards other women, is the pits. This is a trickle-down effect from fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends and husbands.

In my experience, men just have no tools to truly grasp what women experience. Yes, I generalise, and this is because I have experienced it myself with men for over 40 years and so speak from a place of knowledge. I will not man-bash here. It is only through education that attitudes can change. It is up to women to change the dominant narrative, to seek out ancient knowledge, to understand just how IMMENSE the power of women is and what our bodies, psyches and minds have been created to do.

Life and Death dwell within us. A constant cycle. Every month, there is the potential of life and then there is a death. The death of an egg. And yes, there is bleeding. Stop burying this! Its always alarming. How can the sight of blood not be? We as women develop very strong psyches, and have the potential to develop even further. By NOT feeling ashamed, guilty or inferior IN ANY WAY by the processes we endure.

Puberty. Onset of Menstruation. Menstruation. Pregnancy. ChildBirth AND the one that almost trumps them all – Menopause.

I shall be posting more…

If you’re a woman and you’re not particularly interested in this, that too is fine, but just keep yourself informed so that you do not belittle another woman. Sure I get it, there are those of us who would rather not have this shouted about because we’ve fought so hard in the workplace to be seen as NOT ruled by their hormones. What I’m saying is why have we had to fight so hard.

Severe PMS or PMDD causes Anxiety, Depression but these are just words – how it can FEEL is like this

– Like you’re a completely different person: Feelings of Borderline Personality Disorder, Feelings of Schizophrenia
-Like no-one understands you: Alienation, Isolation.
– Like you want to die: Suicide

Of course, there will be those who will misuse this information, but you know what? Those people have been misusing women for centuries. Its the same attitude that dominates. You HAVE to stand for WHO you are.


Sound Healing

I have been collecting indigenous and hand-crafted instruments for about ten years. Some of you may remember them from various poetry readings. Now they are intrinsic to my meditation workshops. Over a period of time, learning, immersing, understanding, experiencing I came to get close to ideas of sound vs. no sound. I have been studying papers and research done on the psychological effects of the “unnatural,” sounds we hear on a daily basis. Unnatural meaning – not of nature…they are of course part of our natural albeit man-made environment – the Metropolis.My instruments bring sounds of nature closer to us. Sounds that resonate on a level, very different from anything else, in a part of us, perhaps even we do not know exists.

After a workshop, I find people are very excited by them. However, it is important to say the following: If you sense that you would like to introduce sound to your practice, I would do so very carefully & with great consideration. I look at my instruments as tools. You may of course choose to have an orchestra, but I would perhaps start with an elemental enquiry & choose from that point. Which element do you feel you need more of? Earth, Fire, Water, Ether or Air…then once you are aware of that start a search accordingly. If you like, you can let me know what you come up with & I can suggest instruments to you. Finding them is part of the journey as well. Working with one at a time is what I recommend.Otherwise, the effectiveness of these instruments to my mind is not what I intended. If they become further objects for Mind to grasp and cling to, then I have not done my job.

Here are some photographs of my instruments post-workshop, being saged, and then wrapped up and put back into the Suitcase of Sound.If you would like to know more about anything, want a consultation, a one-one-one meditation lesson, or can share knowledge of an instrument with me, do let me know! Email:

How Mindfulness Can Enter Your Life

Mindfulness PracticeMindfulness Practice – When asked how to “learn,” mindfulness – I always teach this. Here is a Mindfulness Practice, developed and built on from the wonderful teaching of Paramabandhu Groves.

Go to the market, buy some carrots, take them to your kitchen, clean & clear the space, and approaching the act with intent… cut them! Use a good knife, as this will help. Do nothing, except cut the carrots. Let’s try not to think about cutting the carrots. Just cut the carrots. Let’s try not to think about what you’re going to do AFTER cutting the carrots, just cut the carrots. Let’s try not to go over the details of what went before you cut the carrots. Just cut the carrots.

With any meditative practice, struggling with our thoughts is definitely NOT the direction we want to go in. We may be gently hoping not to get carried away by the tide of our thoughts, however, if we do, all we need to do is return, with kindness to the centre and to the carrots and the chopping.

Perhaps over time, the “isness,” of things becomes apparent. The skin of the carrots, the texture of the chopping board, the slicing action of the knife. You can choose to cut anything you want, however, I recommend you start with carrots. There is a reason, believe it or not.

Be in the moment, be in the sound of the knife as it hits the board, the light rolling away of the piece of cut carrot, the sensation of the carrot under your hand, the aroma of fresh carrot…all of it. And repeat… as a lifelong practice. There is no such thing as getting “good,” at it. It just IS. And so what appears as the mundane in life, is elevated to the extraordinary.

I share here some photographs of my own personal Mindfulness practice, my hope is to show you how I see things. The point in transmitting my practice through photographs is NOT to do what we do with social media i.e. scroll through. Examine each photo. Chopping has been a conscious practice of mine for about ten years! I love everything about it. Here I found some black carrots and thoroughly enjoyed the “isness,” of them and their journey further into a beautiful liquid of glowing Amaranth. This day, I also cut onions (C’mon don’t tell me that isn’t exquisite!) and made the carrot juice w/ blood oranges. #MindfulnessInDailyLife  #Zen #MindfulnessPractices #TheIsnessOfThings – This was a Public Service Message from Be –

Be Here. Be Now. Be.

"black carrot"

“black carrot”

"As Above, So Below"

“As Above, So Below”

"chopp'd black carrot"

“chopp’d black carrot”


"then there were two"

“then there were two”

"black carrot universe"

“black carrot universe”


"amaranth liquid on a silver kitchen knife"

“amaranth liquid on a silver kitchen knife”



"universe in onion"

“universe in onion”

"universes colliding"

“universes colliding”

"you become me"

“you become me”

"Amaranth, I love you"

“Amaranth, I love you”

Welcoming Healing: Rites of Spring

Artist UnknownFree satsang one hour meditation class at Sangye Yoga (formerly JivaMukti Yoga London) on Feb 28th 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm with Sascha Aurora Akhtar.

In order to invite the healing energies of the universe two things can be worked on first. Grounding and the ability to accept self-love. We will first do a guided grounding meditation followed by a metta practice. A final meditation will then send healing to ourselves.

Sascha Akhtar has recently set up Be meditation – Be Here. Be Now. Just Be. She is a trained meditation teacher having completed studies in Meditation, Stress Management, Applied Psychology & Eastern Philosophy with Alexander Filmer-Lorch (Inside Meditation)- who she is eternally indebted to for his

Sascha Akhtar synthesizes her Yoga and Butoh training with her background in Buddhist Mindfulness practice and Sufi healing work, approaching the teaching of Meditation in a creative manner
with a grounding in neuroscience.

“It is hard not to pay attention to the fact that neuroscientists
are publishing papers with regularity on the effects of Meditation practices on the human brain. Its wonderful for us, already absorbed in this work that the whole world is finally coming around to the ways of the ancient teachings! It only took us centuries to get there…” – Sascha