Artwork by Molly Hahn.In the corporate environment, the Bottom Line matters. In the last decade, however the importance of tending to the human element that is behind this bottom line, has been recognised. Stressed-out, tired unhappy people working towards a bottom-line, are just no good for business, right? What has occurred following this has been a tremendous step forwards in terms of our human evolution.

The human resource, the people, who work in corporate environments are being helped in their personal development, by the introduction of meditation to the workplace. Why? Well, it has actually been proven to improve productivity. So everyone wins!

Industry giants like AOL, Apple, Aetna, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Huffington Post, Nike, and Procter & Gamble all offer programs in meditation and yoga, and Google places such importance on mindfulness that it has created a Head of Mindfulness Training role.

As a meditation teacher, and someone who has witnessed people first-hand languishing in Corporate Hell to me this is incredible and nothing gives me greater happiness then to teach people in the work-place how to manage stress, inter-personal work relationships and the work-life balance.


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