Some Heart-Words from Dechen Thurman, Actor and Advanced Certified JivaMukti Teacher. Thanks Dechen! 

Rites of Spring: Welcoming Healing” was a delightful arrangement of meditation and mantras.  It did not requires lots of exertion, it was a nurturing and introspective experience, in a congenial social setting.  Sascha Aurora Akhtar was very pleasant to spend time with.  I look forward to more events with Sascha”.

During late summer 2016 we were invited to participate in a personalised couples meditation session with Sascha Akhtar in La Turbie in the South of France. The setting was stunning and the studio had previously been used by the great Rudolph Nureyev to practice. Sascha took us on a beautiful meditative journey in this setting. We left the session feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated“.

Tereza Maxova and Burak Oymen.

Tereza works with abandoned children at the Tereza Maxova Foundation and is also a model. Burak Oymen is a property developer. Thanks guys, it was great to work with such experienced Meditation practitioners.