About this Full Moon:

“Gemini Full Moon can fill minds and media with too much chatter and opinion, yet Mercury has now turned retrograde (12/3-12/22), creating the sensation of our consciousness slowing down as the world moves quickly by. Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces sits in an exact t-square to this lunation.

This is a perfect storm of spiritual opportunity to catch our awareness mid-stream, to observe how we are deluding or deceiving our self through wrong stories, false perceptions.

Astrologer Steven Forrest calls this Neptunian process “cleaning the windows”. By becoming aware of what’s obscuring our windows (wrong perceptions), we discover clarity, truth. Feel into the energy of this Full Moon. Notice where your attention, and intention, is. Are you magnifying a “problem” by aligning your energy with negative stories, and struggle?

Or are you intentionally choosing to align with the energy of Oneness, flow and co-creativity? I had been aligning with the negative story of resistance, not flow, so that’s what I experienced. But once I aligned with grace, grace happened.”

Source:  Jessica