I have always felt the energy of North California to be magical. I have an inexplicable spirit connection to it, and some of my spirit tribe hail from there. I have been watching every news story, reading the twitter feeds, looking at the maps for two days now trying to find out information for my friends but also because just on a deep spiritual level the horror of such devastation is palpable to me.

I am reading and seeing what people are experiencing and so I am writing this post in order to help in the way I know best, through my work as a healer and wellness facilitator.

State of Emergency
Spiritual Implications and Healing

You are in a State of Emergency. This does not refer just to the external trail of widespread destruction. This refers to the inner space of YOU as a being.
You have managed to escape, survive but know nothing about your home. Your community, friends, family are all in the same situation. Many HAVE lost their homes.
Your base, foundation and stability have been threatened. This is our root. Upon which ALL things stand. Upon which we stand. Feelings of despair are totally normal.
If we can, this may be a tall ask, wherever you are, frightened, anxious, despairing, take a moment to acknowledge this.


Loving Kindness in a State of Emergency #NunsFire #TubbsFire #AtlasFire #Napafire #CAL_FIRE #NorthBayFires #HealingForAllSit on the floor if you can. Lean against a wall, or a couch. Get a blanket if you wish, make sure you are comfortable. Close your eyes. Say to yourself:

“Everything I am experiencing is valid” ( or anything that comes naturally to you in your own words). Yes, it may be difficult to concentrate when your world is falling apart outside, but taking this moment is important for YOU AND for your family & community.

Take a few deep breaths through the nose. Sending the breath down to your root, your base, your foundation. Sense any kind energetic disturbance, in this root centre. Allow yourself to feel love for your own suffering, as you would with a child or a loved one. Say to yourself:

I acknowledge my own sense of suffering“.

Allow yourself to cultivate this space of safety for yourself, sending your base, your root, your foundation a flow of love & healing. Stay in your inner space.

Stay connected with your body. FEEL the sit bones on the ground. Your back supported. Say to yourself:

I send healing love to myself“.

As you feel this sense of Loving-Kindness growing, you can stay with it as long as you feel right. After that take a few more deep breaths, and slowly allow the external to gently filter in, meaning your family & friends and their experience right now. With each breath, say to yourself:

I send healing love to my family & friends

If you find the emotion rises, that is fine. You may cry. That’s also ok. Say to yourself ( when & if you can):

I send healing love to our community and to the earth

Stay in this inner space as long as you like, allow yourself to connect with all those around you, experiencing what you are.

What is occurring IS near impossible to process on ALL levels. Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual. Whatever your losses, Healing is the only way forward. Healing yourself, your loved ones, your community and the earth. I am truly sorry for all you are experiencing from one human being to another.

Love to YOU & YOU & YOU.  You are NOT alone.




Photo from: @abc7kristensze Found amid the ruins of my friend’s #coffeypark home. May #angels be watching over all those who lost so much in #northbayfires.

There will be a lot of stuff out there coming in. Words, images, sounds, talk. Everyone is trying to help themselves and their own. It’s perfectly valid.

In every moment, try to stay IN your body, ON the ground that you are on. Use your breath. Close your eyes OFTEN. And this may sound weird, but try to visualise water, cooling & soothing. Your mind and psychology is inundated with the heat of the fire energy and the fire images. Imagine rain. Listen to rain sounds if you can. Sooth.

There is only so much we can take, we are human. Try to manage your responses to others that upset YOU.In this situation, keep in mind whatever is happening IS happening.Everyone is human, and everyone is doing their best. What SHOULD or SHOULD have been or be, may not be relevant. In this moment, in this instant, NOW, what is most important, and ONLY for this moment. Stay with that. It may be comforting your kids, the elderly, but you also need to do that for yourself. Much love from me.