At this time, the practice has become not just ‘helpful,’ but I feel necessary. Our inner work can provide strength & resilience and also biological relief. Our Fight of Flight response system is over-taxed right now. We are being assailed energetically besides having to regain some semblance of balance in order to function.

We are our own best friends right now in many ways and learning to just ‘be,’ with yourself can be hard. Especially when you don’t feel ok. The important thing to know is that you don’t have to be, you cannot be expected to be ok, and trust me no-one is ‘ok,’ right now. The #itsoktonotbeok is one of the healthiest hashtags that I have seen. It is such a useful message. I know this because I was making posts in exactly the same language on my socials a month before I saw the hashtag. I’ve been telling that to all those I am connected to and this is because there is such a dreadful disease almost of denial, not-processing emotions, no introspection — that many of us us need that message. I certainly do! I have to tell myself that over and over. These things are not ‘oh you read it once on the internet and that’s it’. No. You must really understand the message and all that it means. It means allowing yourself to be kinder to yourself! It means not being so hard on yourself if you aren’t behaving the way you should. It means acceptance. Acceptance is very important. Nobody can help us, not even ourselves, if we cannot even see ourselves or know ourselves. It is your duty to yourself to know yourself. 

My Practice Since The World Shifted So Drastically 

I have found with my own practice that I recognized at the onset that my energy was drastically lowered and I sought physical movement — very slow, breath-led movement. It took a few months to find my equilibrium again, energetically. I spent time outdoors with the trees learning to balance on them & practising headstands. The thing about yoga asana is that you can work with them any way you like. Once you have a knowledge of them & an understanding of what each posture does for you than you can utilise them as medicine. For me, the headstand was calling — I needed the medicine of the headstand. Each time I tried was a bit of discipline I was imposing on myself, strengthening my core — both on a psychological level but also on the level of body. 

I held a meditation session for my online community because I wanted to provide some support, but I knew the energy was not yet right for me. I had a terrible headache afterwards, which was interesting. This was the 1st session. I have since done a number of sessions which are available on my page. 

Then I felt a need to seek out other teachers, guides and healers of all kinds. I felt a need for support. It was hard to sit on my own. Something that hasn’t happened ever to be honest. Even when I was starting out, I was fine to meditate alone. I did however, spend a great deal of time meditating with other people then. Meditating with others is something very special & because it is an energetic practice, I really do feel it is totally possible to vibe with other people in a meditation frequency regardless of physical location. 

Peeps Around The World Wanting To Help Us

It was a joy to discover how many wonderful people were already out there holding the space, people like Zen Monk John Sojun Godfrey and Kundalini Maven, Yogi Jones. I felt a need to immerse. I discovered there are these lovely people who are holding space for global meditation every hour on the hour! And they send you a page of links with all the different time zones listed. I did a lovely Qi Gong session on a Sunday morning through EventBrite – honestly there are so many online sessions on there, I wanted to sign up for everything . I did a live audio meditation session with the Mary Magdelene Temple which called in the Goddess frequency which was beautiful too. The practice that I really broke through with was a 3 hr zen meditation session. I’d never met any of the sitters before but the vibe on everything was very stabilising. 

It also reminded me of discipline. So much of the practice is discipline. It is a great thing when your discipline comes without effort after extended practice and you don’t need to worry about it actively but even then perhaps every now and then you need reminding of it. I was very grateful for the discipline of Jon Sojun Godfrey in leading his meditation with so much ease and kindness at 7 a.m. his time (Vermont, U.S.A) every morning on Facebook live. (That’s 12 pm BST, guys. U.K.) And Vicky Jones or Yogi Jones has directed the flow of her Kundalini sessions from the studio at Ministry Of Yoga in Crewe to online sittings. Huma Jalil Hazleton yoga teacher with experience of over 20 years who teaches at Sangye yoga, Yoga West and the Life Centre Islington has begun to host sessions on zoom. Besides that, I was invited to create an online course for helping writers with ‘Writer’s Block’. I envisioned it as a garden and it has now been published and is available here 

Holding Space 

I always talk about how ‘showing up,’ for the practice is 50% of the practice. It is possible to show up for yourself online. For the last week, I have been holding space for meditation at 7:30 p.m. BST ( I learnt that in summer we don’t use GMT but British Summer Time or apparently it confuses everyone? Go figure) on Facebook live. If I can share my practice and have it help than that is a good thing. At the moment, I have had to pause the live sessions as my 7 year old needs even more emotional support right now! There are over a dozen videos you can watch & do sessions along with. 

As a practitioner and meditation guide myself, I feel it is important at this time to band together and find each other. We all need friends right now. I will be adding more links and hopefully create a lovely set of resources for anyone who needs some kind of support . 

Much Love

Sascha Aurora Akhtar or Be Meditation 

Vicky Jones is leading a regular Friday evening session

Kundalini Yoga Class. Friday 7.30 pm.
We are working on connecting deeply to our Inner World.
Finding connection with our truth.
Creating Stillness.
Less dependency on external events and material objects.
Allowing ourselves to see things as they really are.

Becoming ourselves.

Please message me to book on. Classes via Zoom. £5.00 per person.

John is leading a daily session at 12 p.m. BST or 7:00 am EST ( U.S.A) 

Huma should be messaged for any details of the asana & meditation sessions she is leading. 

I have not personally done any sessions but SPOKE.WORLD is doing some interesting work on Insta with ‘Artist Lead Meditations’ which have sound & purport ‘deep healing’ – there are some very cool poets & spoken word artists leading these sessions. Do look into it!