Mindfulness PracticeMindfulness Practice – When asked how to “learn,” mindfulness – I always teach this. Here is a Mindfulness Practice, developed and built on from the wonderful teaching of Paramabandhu Groves.

Go to the market, buy some carrots, take them to your kitchen, clean & clear the space, and approaching the act with intent… cut them! Use a good knife, as this will help. Do nothing, except cut the carrots. Let’s try not to think about cutting the carrots. Just cut the carrots. Let’s try not to think about what you’re going to do AFTER cutting the carrots, just cut the carrots. Let’s try not to go over the details of what went before you cut the carrots. Just cut the carrots.

With any meditative practice, struggling with our thoughts is definitely NOT the direction we want to go in. We may be gently hoping not to get carried away by the tide of our thoughts, however, if we do, all we need to do is return, with kindness to the centre and to the carrots and the chopping.

Perhaps over time, the “isness,” of things becomes apparent. The skin of the carrots, the texture of the chopping board, the slicing action of the knife. You can choose to cut anything you want, however, I recommend you start with carrots. There is a reason, believe it or not.

Be in the moment, be in the sound of the knife as it hits the board, the light rolling away of the piece of cut carrot, the sensation of the carrot under your hand, the aroma of fresh carrot…all of it. And repeat… as a lifelong practice. There is no such thing as getting “good,” at it. It just IS. And so what appears as the mundane in life, is elevated to the extraordinary.

I share here some photographs of my own personal Mindfulness practice, my hope is to show you how I see things. The point in transmitting my practice through photographs is NOT to do what we do with social media i.e. scroll through. Examine each photo. Chopping has been a conscious practice of mine for about ten years! I love everything about it. Here I found some black carrots and thoroughly enjoyed the “isness,” of them and their journey further into a beautiful liquid of glowing Amaranth. This day, I also cut onions (C’mon don’t tell me that isn’t exquisite!) and made the carrot juice w/ blood oranges. #MindfulnessInDailyLife  #Zen #MindfulnessPractices #TheIsnessOfThings – This was a Public Service Message from Be – www.be-meditation.uk

Be Here. Be Now. Be.

"black carrot"

“black carrot”

"As Above, So Below"

“As Above, So Below”

"chopp'd black carrot"

“chopp’d black carrot”


"then there were two"

“then there were two”

"black carrot universe"

“black carrot universe”


"amaranth liquid on a silver kitchen knife"

“amaranth liquid on a silver kitchen knife”



"universe in onion"

“universe in onion”

"universes colliding"

“universes colliding”

"you become me"

“you become me”

"Amaranth, I love you"

“Amaranth, I love you”