In Honour of the Full Moon of 18th May, 2019. Old/traditional names for this moon include hare moon and flower moon. Thank you to the magical creature that is Danne Jobin for sharing their vision – Love from Be meditation.

‘Wren Chant – Danne Jobin 2019’

Wren chant

when the wren calls you will

take in the music

take in the beat,

the pitch of its song


when the wren comes

jittering among leaves

in the mossy hedge

you will stoop down to earth



your face

with soil


when the wren flies

when the bird spreads its wings

to split open

the veil of worlds

you will follow,

fearlessly you will

let your spirit follow,


when the wren

calls upon

your name

Danne’s poems have been published in harana and Tenebrae. They are interested in the spellbinding power of words.”Wren chant” was inspired by Sascha Akhtar’s enchanting workshop at the Poetry School. Danne has a wren tattoo and can sometimes be found paganising at the edge of the woods.