I have been collecting indigenous and hand-crafted instruments for about ten years. Some of you may remember them from various poetry readings. Now they are intrinsic to my meditation workshops. Over a period of time, learning, immersing, understanding, experiencing I came to get close to ideas of sound vs. no sound. I have been studying papers and research done on the psychological effects of the “unnatural,” sounds we hear on a daily basis. Unnatural meaning – not of nature…they are of course part of our natural albeit man-made environment – the Metropolis.My instruments bring sounds of nature closer to us. Sounds that resonate on a level, very different from anything else, in a part of us, perhaps even we do not know exists.

After a workshop, I find people are very excited by them. However, it is important to say the following: If you sense that you would like to introduce sound to your practice, I would do so very carefully & with great consideration. I look at my instruments as tools. You may of course choose to have an orchestra, but I would perhaps start with an elemental enquiry & choose from that point. Which element do you feel you need more of? Earth, Fire, Water, Ether or Air…then once you are aware of that start a search accordingly. If you like, you can let me know what you come up with & I can suggest instruments to you. Finding them is part of the journey as well. Working with one at a time is what I recommend.Otherwise, the effectiveness of these instruments to my mind is not what I intended. If they become further objects for Mind to grasp and cling to, then I have not done my job.

Here are some photographs of my instruments post-workshop, being saged, and then wrapped up and put back into the Suitcase of Sound.If you would like to know more about anything, want a consultation, a one-one-one meditation lesson, or can share knowledge of an instrument with me, do let me know! Email: sascha@be-meditation.uk