This is your brain on meditation
Artwork by Pablo Monforte ‘Memories’.


A great deal has been said about Meditation in the last few years. Perceptions of what it is to meditate seem to be in the process of transformation. This is in large part owing to Mindfulness Practice, however, mindfulness practice is not the be-all and end-all. Mindfulness can be a life-long commitment, and so can Meditation, in tandem, but separate.

The universality of Meditation is prevalent in the essence of all ancient philosophies. The real question to ask is: Why Should I Meditate NOW? Now is an excellent time to meditate with vast numbers of research papers coming out, extolling the virtues of meditation. Science, is catching up with ancient teachings. Wonderful!

Brain science is paying more attention to the field of neuroplasticity and neurogensis. And its all true…you can actually transform your own brain through meditation. All those little fiery neurones going off in your brain about 200 times a second, making connections, communicating will actually shift and change the very substance of your brain.

Meditators show more grey matter in their brain. They show significant changes and all this is from essentially, resting the mind itself, and not assuming that when the body is resting, the mind is. Often its quite the other way around. This is the simplest way of putting it. 

So many people I know have calm exteriors and appear to radiate calm energy, but upon investigating further, I have discovered that they have the wild Amazonian jungle in their minds, or a Tokyo crosswalk or Disney Land. 

That’s a lot of neural fire in your mind and a lot of stress responses possibly being activated needlessly, in the body.  And you wonder why you can’t sleep at night? Too much mind activity, its clear.

The Mind needs You. Why Should You Meditate? Honestly, because not-meditating just doesn’t feel as good.